Marbble is a free multilingual word game, the first of its kind! Improve your vocabulary by playing in different languages and access to the definitions and translations of the words played by you and your opponents. It's always easier to learn a new language when you're having fun ;)
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Marbble is 100% free ! You can test it directly by clicking on the button above. You might encounter display issues on your mobile browser, if so please download the app on your phone for the best gaming experience ! Mobile application also have much more features ;)

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Marbble is a free multilingual word game, the first of its kind! Yes, you read that right: multilingual. That means an english player can play in English against a french player that plays in French! To play, you have to make words on the board using the letters on your rack. You can optimize your score with special cells («Double Letter», «Triple Word»…) and by using high values letter tiles to make rare words on your own… or reusing the words made by your opponent.

We want Marbble to be a fun and educational game. That’s why you’ll also have access to the translations and definitions of the words played during a game. We hope that it will help you to enrich your vocabulary and to learn new languages.

When people share the same language, they become brothers. That’s why we developed Marbble. We want to gather people all over the world, we want them to make one, we want Universal Peace!

Ok this might sound overdone, but you get the idea.


The current version is 1.0.0

Here are the current features available and the ones we’d like to implement in the future:


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Play against computer
Pass and play
Game zoom
Computer playing
Exchange tiles
Blank tile


Marbble is entirely free and contains no ads. We aim to keep things that way for ever and ever. Still, developing and maintaining an app comes with some costs.

So feel free to support us via our Tipeee page: Support us on Tipeee


A question? A suggestion? You can contact us here: games@manaty.net

We’d love to hear from your gaming experience with Marbble, and we’ll take into account any kind recommendation you can make or any advice you can give! If you spot a bug, don’t hesitate to message us about it. Encouraging messages are also deeply liked ;)

If you have some design, languages or developing skills you’re happy to share or for any business enquiry, please reach us at contact@manaty.net